Collaborative sites

The web is teeming with collaborative sites. It is sometimes difficult to find one’s way around.
Here are a few sites that are references for us

Ceramic 3D Printing, dedicated to ceramics in general. Some contributors, and not the least, are interested in 3d clay printing

3D printers, a hacker’s paradise…

Thingiverse, an open access project sharing site, 99% in English…

Arduino. Where would we be without arduino?
For those who want to look at the electronic side.

Don’t forget the Fablabs.
They are everywhere and it’s a great way to be accompanied.

the 8Falab from Crest, the only one to have a 3d printer dedicated to clay. Possibility to work on site>
The Fablab of Nîmes, the incredible possibilities that put their equipment, machines and skills at the service of our project.