Designers have a lot of fun with it. While browsing through the exhibitions, we come to ask ourselves the question: by hand or in 3d?
The links below, it’s only 3d printing!
A few favourites and hats off to the technique and level of creativity

Tom Lauerman “From January to April 2019, a small team of engineering students and I studied a dual-nozzle approach to two-colour 3D clay printing. We were able to achieve very promising results, and we also encountered a number of complications. “That says it all!

Emre Can … “This is where I focus what I want to tell in my work. The softness and perfection that the surface of the structure gives, the desire to break it down to reveal its inner workings leads me to different kinds of adventures. »

3D – 3 Terres : At the 8Falab de Crest, a ceramic 3D printer meets the actors of three territories of the Drôme. 18 of them, potters, artists, plastic artists, designers, all from the Drôme and working with earth, participated from November 2018 to February 2019 in a training and experimentation. At the end of this time of discovery of the machine, each was invited to produce one or more creations to feed a collective exhibition.
Vincent Tournebize

Vincent Tournebize
Monumental piece created in the framework of “3d-3Terres” by Vincent Tournebize

Taekyeom Lee
“Interested in the possibility of combining typography, ceramics and 3D printing. In the end, I was able to build and operate my own delta 3D printer after many technical and mechanical problems. »

Sound Surface – Porcelain vases and sound surface
“I am interested to see if there is a correlation between the physical visual representation of bird song and human music in the patterns on the surface of the vases. We know what the rhythms and pitches of each sound are, but what do they look like?” says Jonathan Keep.

3d concrete visit! Colossal!

xTree A large-scale 3D printing technology for the architectural design, engineering and construction sector.

CyBe 3D The revolution in the use of reinforced concrete

Finally, a wink at some unclassifiable achievements, but worth the diversion!

Daniel Debruin A fascinating approach

Designboom-Au fil de l’eau To burn at the water’s edge!